Weed Delivery Edmonton: Mixing Strains For A Unique High?

Weed Delivery Edmonton
Weed Delivery Edmonton

Weed Delivery Edmonton: Mixing Strains For A Unique High?

Smoking cannabis is a common method of consumption, and with many strains available, some people may want to mix them for a more distinctive and potent experience. Although some cannabis enthusiasts believe in the benefits of blending strains, others may question its effectiveness.

Weed delivery Edmonton services made it incredibly convenient to obtain a diverse range of cannabis strains, including classic Indicas, invigorating Sativas, and various hybrid strains. 

Mixing strains is the practice of blending different types of cannabis to produce a distinctive combination of flavour, scent, and impact. Many individuals believe that this practice can improve the overall cannabis smoking experience.

But is it truly beneficial to blend cannabis strains? 

In this article, we will examine the advantages of mixing strains and determine if it’s worthwhile. We will offer some guidance on how to combine strains to achieve your desired outcome.

What is the Reason for Blending Different Strains?

The main motive for mixing cannabis strains is to attain a distinctive and desired high. Through combining different strains, individuals can experience what is known as the entourage effect. This phenomenon happens when various terpenes and cannabinoids collaborate to produce a distinct impact that cannot happen by consuming isolated THC or CBD.

To fully harness the effects of CBD and THC, you must pair them with other cannabinoids. Therefore, blending various cannabis strains is likely the optimal method for experiencing the complete impact of cannabis.

Recreational cannabis users can benefit from mixing strains by moderating their high intensity. For example, by blending a CBD-high strain with a THC-high flower, individuals can reduce the potency of the high, making it more manageable. This is because CBD impedes THC from binding to brain receptors, which can mitigate the high feeling.

Medical marijuana patients can also reap the benefits of mixing strains as it may assist in reducing undesired side effects. Combining Indica with certain Sativa strains can potentially alleviate discomforting side effects. CBD can help reduce the psychoactive effects of high THC percentages, which can provide pain and anxiety relief for the user.

Can Blending Cannabis Strains Enhance Your Experience?

The advantages of blending different cannabis strains are as plentiful as the strains themselves. One notable benefit is that combining strains can produce various distinctive effects suitable for various situations. This implies that depending on the circumstance, you can create a unique high tailored to your needs.

For example, if you desire to fall asleep after a long day, blending two robust Indica strains can assist you in achieving that. Conversely, if you require mental alertness while working or engaging in leisure activities, combining energizing strains can help.

Another benefit of mixing strains is achieving a more favourable flavour profile. Terpenes, responsible for the aroma and taste in plants, are aromatic compounds. The cannabis plant contains over 200 terpenes, each having a unique impact on the aroma, flavour, and high.
By blending different strains based on their terpene profiles, you create and experience a stronger high. Some terpenes have stimulating properties, while others have a calming effect, which can contribute to the overall experience of using cannabis.

For some users, their regular strain may no longer produce the high they need, making blending strains a welcome development. By mixing leftover strains from previous purchases with new strains, individuals can create a combination perfectly suited to their needs.

How to Mix Strains?

While creating a blend by randomly combining different strains is possible, it can be an experience that may or may not yield the desired result. Achieving a high-quality blend requires careful consideration of the following elements:


Cannabinoids are responsible for the primary effects of marijuana. When THC levels are high, the experience becomes more psychoactive, producing euphoria, happiness, increased mood, and hunger. On the other hand, CBD does not induce a high but promotes a clear-headed experience that reduces tension and promotes tranquillity. Apart from THC and CBD, there are over 100 other cannabinoids in marijuana, including CBG, CBN, THCV, and CBC. Although these cannabinoids usually occur in small amounts compared to THC and CBD, some breeders are working on increasing their levels.


When blending different strains, focus on terpenes for two main reasons: taste and effect. A mix of strains with different terpene profiles can produce a wider range of flavours. In addition, terpenes can influence the type of high, so keep this in mind when combining different strains.

If you want to enhance the flavour, linalool and limonene, which both offer zesty citrus flavours, are a great combination. For a refreshing forest walk taste, pinene and humulene, both earthy and deep, complement each other well. If you’re looking for a spicy and peppery flavour, caryophyllene and myrcene are an excellent pair, particularly in savoury edibles.

Sativa and Indica

The common belief is that Indica plants provide a sedating and physical high, while Sativa plants offer an uplifting cerebral high. However, recent advancements in cannabis research indicate that the situation is more complex.

Instead of categorizing cannabis strains by their cultivars, experts suggest classifying them based on their chemovars or chemical variations. This approach acknowledges that the same strain can have significant variations in chemical composition due to environmental factors and phenotypic variation. By doing so, it becomes easier to identify the specific properties of each specimen. Nonetheless, there are still physical differences between Indica and Sativa strains.

Although there is growing awareness of the variation in chemical composition within the same strain, some suggest that certain terpenes are more present in Indica or Sativa strains. Therefore, to achieve a well-balanced high, experimenting with different combinations of strains may be beneficial.

Where to Get High-Quality Cannabis Products?

Looking to experiment with mixing cannabis strains? Here’s how you can obtain weed products.

For Edmonton residents, the most convenient way to obtain weed products is through a weed delivery service, which provides a hassle-free way of getting cannabis products.

When it comes to online cannabis delivery services, there are various options available, but it’s essential to choose one that caters to your specific needs. A hybrid dispensary such as Edmonton Canna Delivery may be an excellent option for you to consider.

At Edmonton Canna Delivery, we are an online dispensary and cannabis delivery service that provides a wide selection of cannabis products, including different strains, edibles, concentrates, and vapes. We offer two delivery options: same-day weed delivery or scheduled delivery, depending on your preferences. As a hybrid dispensary, we provide a convenient and reliable way for Edmonton residents to access their cannabis needs.

Our same-day delivery is best for those who want to get their weed delivered immediately to experience the effects and benefits. It’s an excellent choice for small orders, but you can also purchase as much as you want to qualify for our free delivery promotion.

The scheduled delivery is a good weed delivery service option for those who are out of town or can’t receive your products. With scheduled delivery, you can choose a specific time and date for us to deliver your products.

Aside from our same-day cannabis delivery, we have staff with unmatched cannabis knowledge, weed deals and promos, and exceptional service.

Buds to Try

What cannabis buds can you try from our cannabis store?

Indica Strains or Indica-Dominant

Island Pink Kush

Island Pink Kush Strain Multi

Island Pink Kush is a hybrid strain with a distinctive appearance, featuring neon green buds with purple accents, a layer of glistening trichomes, and pinkish hairs that inspired its name. Its aroma is a subtle blend of sweet and skunky notes with floral undertones.

The effects of this strain are potent and fast-acting, inducing feelings of happiness and stimulation. This gradually shifts into a state of peaceful relaxation and mental clarity. Island Pink is great for individuals with stress, depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

Ice Cream Mints

Ice cream - mintz strain

Upon exhaling Ice Cream Mints, you will feel a quick and potent high that will elevate your mind and create a weighty sensation. This experience may cause your eyes to feel heavy and warmth that spreads throughout your body, resulting in feelings of euphoria and unfocused relaxation at the same time.

Due to its potency, Ice Cream Mints can treat various conditions, including appetite loss, nausea, eye pressure, glaucoma, headaches, migraines, and insomnia.

Baby Yoda

This hybrid cannabis variety results from a cross between Khalifa Kush and The Menthol. Its buds are vivid green, resembling the appearance of Yoda or a green lightsaber, with orange hairs and plentiful golden trichomes.

Baby Yodais a sedating and tingling strain. Users report feeling aroused, uplifted, and focused after using this weed, but it cannot bring you a Mandalorian companion. Baby Yoda contains 24% THC and has dominant terpenes of myrcene and caryophyllene, which produce a scent of diesel and tobacco with sweet undertones.

Sativa or Sativa-Dominant

Sour Breath

Sour Breath

Each exhale from Sour Breath carries undertones of fresh pine and its intensely tart and sweet apricot flavour. Very earthy with a woody pine impression and savoury, sour diesel as accents.

To give you a quick pick-me-up before social events, Sour Breath is an excellent choice as it provides a highly elevated and sociable high. The initial effects bring a surge of energy, followed by a wave of euphoria and focus. The high quickly becomes social, making you outgoing and sometimes even giddy.

Jack Frost

Weed Delivery Edmonton

Jack Frost is a robust hybrid marijuana strain created by crossing White Widow and Northern Lights #5. It provides a euphoric, creative, and energetic high ideal for social gatherings.

The strain has a flavour profile with hints of lemon, sweetness, and woodiness. Patients often use this strain for its potential medicinal benefits in treating symptoms related to PTSD, stress, and depression.

THC and CBD Level

Miracle Cookies

Strain Mac

MAC marijuana strain has a moderate THC content of 20-22% and a low CBD level of 0.15-0.43%, with a CBG content of 1%. Due to its moderate THC content, it may not be suitable for beginners.

If you are looking for a strain to boost your energy during the day, MAC marijuana may be a good choice.

Planet of the Grapes

Planet of The Grapes
The Planet of the Grapes strain is a powerful hybrid with a balanced combination of THC and other beneficial cannabinoids, including CBD, CBC, CBG, CBN, and THCV. With a THC content reaching up to 27%, it may not be suitable for inexperienced smokers who may find its effects overwhelming.

Pink Rozay

This is predominantly Indica is a crossing of Lemonchello 10 and LPC75. With a THC content of 24%, this variety of marijuana is better suited for experienced users with a higher tolerance to THC.

Terpene Content


The myrcene terpene has a distinct aroma profile that combines spicy notes of cloves and cardamom with musky undertones and hints of earthy herbs. This unique blend of aromas also gives it a slightly sweet taste when consumed.

Strains: Banana Runtz,Pink Rozay, Baby Yoda


Cannabis strains that contain a high amount of limonene terpenes have a distinctive citrus flavour, similar to the tangy taste of lemons. Cannabis enthusiasts highly appreciate this flavour.

Limonene-dominant strains also offer an immediate burst of energy, accompanied by sweet and sour aromas. These strains provide a refreshing taste and aroma that can elevate mood and give a sense of euphoria.

Strains: Icecream Mints, Miracle Cookies


Terpinolene has various flavours, including citrus, wood, floral, and pine. When consumed, strains of cannabis with high levels of terpinolene produce a stimulating and positive effect. Additionally, terpinolene is present in apples, lilac, nutmeg, and cumin.

Strain: Jack Frost


You can mix cannabis strains by carefully selecting buds based on their cannabinoid and terpene profiles and their effects. While some combinations may produce the desired effects, others may not. Finding the ideal mix of strains could require experimenting with different combinations.

In the Edmonton area, if you want to purchase cannabis strains, Edmonton Canna Delivery is the best weed delivery service to choose from. We offer a variety of strains and provide speedy delivery, and sell other cannabis products besides buds.