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A cannabis concentrate is one of the many innovative products that contain cannabinoids and terpenes. It provides the same effects as smoking buds but is much more potent. 

Concentrates are the third most popular product in Canada. In a survey, 23% of male respondents use hash, concentrates, and vape pens. Meanwhile, females reported increased use of edibles (51%) and topicals (9%). Although respondents did not state their reason for choosing a particular product in this survey, this might be due to the THC content.

Respondents who used cannabis indicated choosing products with higher THC than CBD (29%). Meanwhile, only 11% of the respondents opted for high CBD than THC.

Cannabis concentrates are one of the products in the cannabis industry that contains high THC. There are, however, CBD-containing concentrates, but they are not as common as THC products. If you’d like to get high with concentrates, you can find out how easy to choose a product from the weed delivery Edmonton.

Tips on Choosing a Concentrate

Concentrates are among the most adaptable and diverse cannabis products available. Weed concentrates are no different from other cannabis products in that you need to consider several aspects when selecting one, such as personal tastes, age, price, CBD content, THC level, age and manner of consumption.

Concentrates are among the most adaptable and diverse cannabis products available. Weed concentrates are no different from other cannabis products in that you need to consider several aspects when selecting one, such as personal tastes, age, price, CBD content, THC level, age and manner of consumption.

Cannabinoid Content

CBD and THC are two essential cannabinoids that are present in cannabis. Each has distinct qualities that result in various outcomes and give variable degrees of effectiveness.

CBD is a non-psychoactive quality that is well-liked in wellness products. It has soothing, anti-inflammatory, and therapeutic qualities. Contrarily, THC contains a psychoactive component that results in a pleasant, euphoric sensation. The amount and strength of THC might change depending on the plant strain.

Choose between the effects or benefits you want to enjoy and achieve by checking on the cannabinoid content of the concentrate. When buying a THC concentrate, you must carefully read and review the product’s label.

Read Labels

The conventional cannabis flower and edibles you may get are typically significantly less potent than concentrates. Concentrates often include between 50 and 90 percent THC, whereas regular flower typically has between 10 and 25 percent. The process of making this product eliminates unnecessary plant materials and retains cannabinoids and terpenes. These two are responsible for the high effects of cannabis.

Reading labels will allow you to understand if a product suits you. For example, Potluck Shatter Indica Zkittles contain 77 to 83% THC. For beginners with little experience with weed, this amount can be a lot, so they can opt for other products or manage their dosage.

Consumption Method

One of the benefits of buying concentrates is the option to use the products in multiple ways. You can dab, smoke, vape, or add them to edibles. You have unlimited ways to take your concentrates.

The most common method that cannabis users employ when using concentrates is dabbing. This technique requires heating a concentrate or extract until it emits an extremely potent vapour that the user can inhale. It is, however, not as simple as rolling a joint.

Dabbing requires purchasing a dab rig that gives you reasonable control over the concentrate’s temperature. That’s because you have to heat concentrates like waxes, shatter, or crumble to use them. But, you must use enough heat to benefit from that substantial THC concentration. 

If you don’t like the complexity of dabbing, you can use distillates for vaping, top your flower with concentrates, or bake a brownie.

Extraction Method

Although the extraction method doesn’t necessarily affect the effects you will experience with the concentrates, some users are meticulous about it. There are two extraction methods – solvent-free and liquid-solvent extraction.


Trichomes glands are separated from the cannabis starting material via a physical separation process, such as shaking or pressing. For example, in a Dry Sift concentrate, cannabis is shaken through a series of screens of varying diameters while making a dry sift. It ensures that only the trichome heads pass through to the finished product. On the other hand, Rosin concentrate requires a mix of heat and pressure to extract the chemicals from the plant.

Liquid Solvent

The basic process is the same for all solvent extractions: a liquid solvent removes the active ingredients from the trichome gland and produces a solution. It is necessary to purify this mixture again until the desired components are left. As these solvents are volatile, technicians frequently employ closed-loop extraction systems, which let them safely adjust variables like temperature and pressure to get the best outcome.


Like the extraction method, the texture of a concentrate doesn’t change the effects. Some customers are just particular about the experience or texture of what they purchase and use.

Here are some examples of concentrates and their texture:

  • Shatter
  • This concentrate has a brittle, glass-like texture with a snap-and-pull consistency. Picture taffy sweets being squeezed incredibly tight before snapping. Shatters typically range in colour from brilliant amber to golden yellow.
  • Budder
  • They have a soft, mildly greasy texture like a thick cake batter or a stick of butter. They have a sunny yellow to brilliant orange hue, are pliable, and are simple to handle. 
  • Crumble
  • A brittle variant of budder or badder. It has a crumbly, honeycomb consistency, as the name would imply. While the colour is frequently comparable to budder, they often have a matte or dull texture instead of a glossy appearance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We cannot recommend which concentrate you can try since this depends on your preference. Are you looking for a potent uplifting experience? Look for concentrates with Sativa or Sativa-dominating hybrid buds. Want to relax or unwind from a stressful day? Try Indica containing concentrates. You also have to consider how you want to use our concentrates. If you like vaping, we have a selection of different Sol Cartridges.

The ideal storage conditions for cannabis concentrates involve storing them in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight and heat. This is because exposure to heat and light can cause the cannabinoids and terpenes in the concentrates to degrade, resulting in a loss of potency and flavour.

In addition to the convenience and security and convenience of keeping concentrates in a cool and dark place, storing them in an airtight container is essential to prevent exposure to oxygen. Oxygen can cause cannabinoids and terpenes to oxidize and break down.