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Edmonton Canna Delivery is glad to have you! We’re a delivery service serving the Edmonton Area and offering the finest products, with same-day services. The best flowers, hash, edibles, and cannabis concentrates are some of our options that are sure to make your day better. Additionally, we have a very wide selection of strains and products, making it easy to locate the optimal choice for your needs. We are pleased to serve you, and hope you enjoy browsing through amazing inventory. With Edmonton Canna Delivery, you get the best products, at the best price, faster than anyone else.

Safe And Trusted Brands

Edmonton Canna Delivery is a reputable service that works with various well-known brands. Products such as Potluck, Mikro, One Stop, Wonder, High Dose, and Sol are among these brands.

Edmonton Canna Delivery, as a delivery service, handles everything from arranging deliveries to ensuring that the products are delivered to your home safely and responsibly. This means you can relax knowing you’re obtaining high-quality products from respected brands at a reasonable price.


Mikro is an online cannabis supplier that sells products that help individuals microdose and dose properly. They believe cannabis should be widely available and are dedicated to ensuring that options are available to Canadians who desire them. Mikro offers a diverse selection of products for both experienced and new users.


Potluck products are all-natural, of the highest calibre, and comprehensive in their range. Their cannabis oils and isolates are extracted and expertly processed from premium flower and use only the best ingredients. This makes it possible for them to offer an affordable experience without compromising quality or taste.

High Dose

The laid-back lifestyle of West Coast surfers, skaters, and dreamers inspired High Dose gummies. That's why they're prepared with the greatest quality THC available and infused to have a good time. High Dose gummies are sure to provide the perfect dose of fun, whether you're looking for a fun way to relax after a long day or an adventure for your next party.


Psilocybin integration is made more accessible with Wonder. They offer products you can regularly use and microdose with to experience the advantages of enhanced creativity, reduced anxiety, and enhanced mood. Their Shroom Edibles can provide a museum dose to enhance philosophical conversation with buddies, elevating you to a new level. Or perhaps you want to take a massive dosage of Wonder to reset your ego and outlook on the world. Wonder has you covered for everything mentioned above and more.


OneStop gummies are a plain, easy, and budget-friendly family of cannabis gummies with unmatched taste and ingredient quality. Their gummies are available in various varieties, including common fruits such as watermelon and blueberry and exotic ones such as green apple and mango. Additionally, OneStop's gummies are available in a range of CBD-to-THC ratios, allowing you to select the optimal product for your needs.


Sol is a cannabis company based in British Columbia committed to producing high-quality vapes. Their goods are made as natural and pure as possible, and they only employ the finest cannabis extracts. They are one of the most prominent brands in British Columbia, and their products are very popular with customers for their excellent taste and effects.

Top-Notch Customer Service

Edmonton Canna Delivery is one of Alberta’s best-known and most reliable cannabis delivery services. The company has a stellar reputation for providing amazing customer service.

Edmonton Canna Delivery offers a wide range of delivery options, including standard delivery within Edmonton and curbside and doorstep delivery. The company also provides a wide range of delivery times, ensuring that you always receive your order promptly.

If you have any questions or concerns about your order, Edmonton Canna Delivery has a team of specialists available to help you. The team is available 24/7 and eager to help you solve any problems.

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