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Get High-Quality and Fast Weed Delivery in Spruce Grove

Spruce Grove is a vibrant and dynamic city with plenty of places to see and activities to enjoy. One of its attractions is the beautiful scenery and nature surrounding the city. It’s a great place to take a walk and unwind. Even better, you can relax while enjoying the beauty of nature and the calming effects of THC.

Get yourself high-quality and fast weed delivery in Spruce Grove to access your cannabis fix for the day. Take a hit and relax with premium strains from Edmonton Canna Delivery. 


Products We Offer

Edmonton Canna Delivery is an online cannabis dispensary in Spruce Grove. We have combined providing quality products with fast and reliable services that will satisfy our customers. You can see what our previous customers are saying about us, our products are the best- highest quality and the absolute best prices around.

Premium Selection of Affordable Strains

There’s no need to spend much on premium cannabis strains. Here at Edmonton Canna delivery, we have the most competitive pricing for our customers. You can find an ounce for less than $100 at AAA (or better) quality. In addition to that, our online weed store in Spruce Grove offers various Sative’s, Indica’s, and Hybrids. You can always find the perfect flower for you whether you want an energizing high, a relaxing and couch-lock experience, or a bit of both.

Premium Edible Brands

Want to consume cannabis discreetly? Try using edibles. We carry products from brands like Mikro, High Dose, One Stop, Potluck, and many others to bring you potent marijuana gummies and chocolates. With the long-lasting high of edibles, you can guarantee to experience incredible effects depending on your choice of strain and dosage. Additionally, it is easy to consume edibles since each product is precisely measured, making dosage consumption safe.

Potent Concentrates

Another reason to buy at our Spruce Grove Dispensary online is the availability of marijuana concentrates. These products are known for containing higher THC amounts compared to marijuana flower. You can get that cannabis high you’ve always wanted with our quality concentrates. We carry different forms to suit your preference; budders, shatters, crumbles, and even distillates.

While some prefer dabbing, others are more into smoking or vaping. If you are looking for a weed vape shop in Spruce Grove, look no further because our Sol products are created for your vaping needs. It’s a great way to experience the potent highs and benefits of cannabis without the smoke.

Services We Provide

We at Edmonton Canna Delivery focus on providing a holistic experience for our customers that goes beyond lab-tested, premium, and affordable product selection. We ensure our customers have the best and most enjoyable weed transactions they’ll ever experience.

Fast Delivery 

Most cannabis delivery shops offer door-to-door services, but you have to wait for your orders to arrive for days or even a week. Not with us. Here at Edmonton Canna Delivery, we go beyond traditional online shipping practices and provide a same-day delivery service. That’s right. We allow our customers to purchase from us and get their orders on the same day. How’s that for fast delivery?

It is also possible to make pre-orders in our shop. You can add delivery instructions on the note section depending on when you want your orders to arrive. 

Free Shipping Promotions

You can buy bulk from us to have your marijuana needs kept in stock. The more you purchase, the more likely you will save from us. You can avail yourself of our free delivery promo when you spend $100 and above. Yes, that’s right, for only $100, you don’t have to pay any fees. Now fill your cart with our premium products for a free delivery promo.

Great Deals

Saving from shipping costs is not the only deal you can get from us. You can get 20% off on your first order. All you need is to use the coupon code NEWBUDDY20 when you checkout. Additionally, we have a referral program that allows you to earn points which you can use when purchasing from us. You can also get free gifts with orders over $150.


There are two things we protect: your orders and information. We offer discreet packaging to seal your orders to maintain freshness and privacy. Additionally, your personal information is kept safe when you order from us. Every payment transaction is guaranteed to receive the highest industry standard of security and encryption for the best online payment experience.

Buy Now at Edmonton Canna Delivery

Don’t feel like leaving your home? Try Edmonton Canna Delivery, the most reliable and fastest weed delivery in Spruce Grove. We provide same-day delivery of your weed order. You can select from our high-quality strains, concentrates, and edibles. Add them to your cart today and get them in a while. Hurry up and get your quick fix for cannabis with our online dispensary.