Cancer Survivors Using Marijuana Report Symptomatic Improvement, Study Reveals

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Cancer encompasses a spectrum of diseases characterized by the uncontrolled proliferation of abnormal cells. Individuals grappling with cancer endure a multitude of treatments, often accompanied by distressing symptoms such as pain, insomnia, and nausea. Faced with these challenges, cancer patients turn to cannabis delivery services to procure marijuana for relief.

This article will discuss why and how cancer patients use marijuana to alleviate their symptoms.


Key Takeaways:

  • Cancer patients commonly turn to cannabis to alleviate sleep issues stemming from factors such as anxiety or the side effects of cancer treatment.
  • Cancer survivors commonly opt for cannabis flower, utilizing it through smoking.
  • Many cancer survivors find cannabis effective in managing their symptoms.
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Cancer Overview

Cancer initiates when genes undergo mutations and results in the formation of cancerous cells. These cells give rise to cancer clusters, commonly known as tumours. From these tumours, cancerous cells can detach and utilize either the lymphatic system or bloodstream to disseminate to different parts of the body, a phenomenon termed metastasis by healthcare professionals.

Cancer claims the highest number of lives in Canada, with 30% of all deaths, as per Statistics Canada. Following are cardiovascular diseases (heart disease and stroke), along with chronic respiratory diseases and accidents.


Healthcare providers utilize various treatments, often combining them based on your specific situation. Common cancer treatments encompass:

ChemotherapyCommon treatment method to eliminate cancer cells.Oral or intravenous
Radiation TherapyUses high doses of radiation Combined with chemotherapy for enhanced effectiveness
SurgeryFor localized tumourRadiation and chemotherapy accompany the before or after surgical procedure
Hormone TherapyTo block cancer-causing hormones
Biological Response Modifier TherapyEnhance the immune system by modifying the natural response
Immunotherapy/ Biological TherapyStrengthens immune system
Targeted TherapyTargets molecules within or on cancer cells to impede their growth
Bone Marrow or Stem Cell TransplantReplacing damaged cells with healthy alternatives.Two types: Autologous or allogenic transplantation

Side Effects of Treatment and Having Cancer

  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Hair loss
  • Neuropathy
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Diarrhea and/or constipation
  • Low blood count
  • Chemobrain manifests as difficulty in remembering or processing information.
  • Anxiety or depression due to cancer
  • Pain

Why Cancer Patients Use Marijuana

In a new study published in the Journal of Cancer Survivorship, the authors gathered multiple responses from 1886 cancer survivors. In their finding, they noted that many individuals diagnosed with cancer use marijuana to alleviate symptoms such as sleep disturbances and pain. The study revealed that approximately one-fifth of cancer survivors currently employ cannabis for symptomatic relief while undergoing active cancer treatment.

Below is a summary of reasons why cancer survivors choose to use cannabis:

60%Sleep disturbance management
51%Pain relief
44%Stress reduction
32%Mood disorders or depression

Many participants noted the effectiveness of marijuana in alleviating their symptoms. In treating nausea, 73.6% expressed that marijuana was greatly effective, with none reporting no efficacy. For managing symptoms such as depression and insomnia, over half of the respondents found it helpful.

A majority of the respondents (52.2%) are first-time users of cannabis, which suggests that a significant proportion of cancer patients are exploring alternative methods, even if they lack prior experience, and are discovering some level of efficacy in its use.

Many patients view cannabis as a valuable alternative for symptom management. Regarding its effectiveness in treating cancer, answers are slightly less enthusiastic. Specifically, 47.7 percent deem marijuana highly effective, 34.5 percent find it somewhat helpful, 13.8 percent perceive minimal benefits, and only 4 percent believe it offers no assistance.

How Cancer Patients Use Marijuana (Timing and Product Type)

Referencing the journal above, researchers have gathered data concerning the cannabis usage patterns among cancer survivors.

Type of Cannabis Products

71%Cannabis buds
45.7%CBD oil
39.7%Edibles (candies)
31.8%Edibles (baked goods)
21.4%Creams and gels

Consumption Method and Timing

Among cancer survivors who used cannabis, 68.9% opted for inhalation or smoking, while 59.2% chose ingestion through eating or drinking. Within the inhalation/smoking group, 20.9% engaged in this practice daily, and 42.3% did so less than once a week. Likewise, among those who consumed cannabis orally, 25.7% did so daily, while 43.2% indulged less frequently, typically less than once a week.

The most frequently reported method of inhaling or smoking cannabis among cancer survivors was through rolled cannabis cigarettes, commonly known as a “joint,” “blunt,” or “spliff.”

Other Studies on Cancer and Marijuana

A University of Colorado study, which focused on the use of marijuana products, discovered that chemotherapy patients experienced decreased pain and improved cognitive clarity when regularly using cannabis for two weeks.

In late 2022, the American Medical Association (AMA) released research linking cannabis to a decrease in opioid prescriptions for specific cancer patients.

Many cancer patients consider utilizing cannabis; however, the number of cancer patients using it is still relatively low when compared to those who use it recreationally.

Is Marijuana Effective for Treating Cancer and Treatment Symptoms?

Marijuana plays a role in addressing symptoms associated with cancer therapy. While studies indicate its effectiveness, providing a definitive answer remains elusive. Individual response and product selection significantly influence outcomes. 

For example, THC suits certain patients, whereas others fare better with CBD. Marijuana may be effective for managing pain in some patients, while others may not experience relief from pain. However, it can still prove helpful in addressing nausea for those individuals.

The best way is to ask for guidance from a healthcare professional and try different products to find what will suit you.

Product Selection

Sativa (Uplifting)Grape SorbetMimosaGummiesPotluck – Mojito – 200mg THC: CBDOneStop – Mango – 500mg CBDMikro – Raspberry – 100mg THC: CBDBudder and CrumblePotluck Crumble – Orange CrushPotluck Crumble – Super Lemon Haze
Indica (Relaxing)Pink KushWhite TruffleZushiShatterShatter Indica – Pink DeathShatter Hybrid – Gorilla Glue #4Shatter Sativa – Lemon Haze
ChocolatesPotluck – Matcha White Chocolate – 300mg THC
Hybrid (Balanced)Lucky CharmsFarm FuelDistillates (For Vaping)Sol Cartridge – Runtz THC Distillate – 1ml

Where to Buy Cannabis?

In Canada, various options are available for purchasing cannabis products. If you reside in Edmonton, consider selecting a weed delivery service providing same-day delivery through an online store for swift access to your desired products. Such cannabis outlets operate within specified delivery windows to ensure prompt delivery when you place your order.

If you don’t know what to buy, you can contact these dispensary’s teams for guidance, as they have unmatched cannabis knowledge of what might best suit you.


Cancer survivors actively utilize cannabis to manage symptoms and discover its effectiveness. Various studies highlight the impact of cannabis on cancer patients, with ongoing research exploring its potential contributions not only to symptom management but also to cancer treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can I receive my orders through a weed delivery service?

A good weed delivery service ensures customers are aware of their estimated delivery time. The time can usually span from one to two hours, and this is only applicable to weed delivered in nearby areas. For speedy delivery, consider exploring online dispensaries that provide same-day delivery options.

Does a cannabis delivery service offer products for medical marijuana customers?

Yes. Medical marijuana patients can look into reputable online dispensaries as they offer multiple types of products. You can choose from dried cannabis, pre-rolls, CBD oil, edibles, tinctures, or capsules. Choosing same-day weed delivery also makes it easy for medical marijuana patients because they can conveniently shop at home.

Can I use weed delivery services anywhere in Canada?

In Canada, weed delivery services are widespread and reach various regions. Note that the delivery coverage tends to be localized. For instance, if a service advertises as Alberta weed delivery, it specifically serves residents of Alberta. Therefore, carefully review the shipping policies of your chosen cannabis store before making a purchase.

How do you choose the best weed delivery service?

With many online cannabis dispensaries, it is always best to be cautious when choosing a dispensary. Here are some tips to help you be sure of your choice.

  1. Check the credibility of the dispensary by reading reviews, policies, payment methods, and more.
  2. See if their product selection has a complete description.
  3. Compare the price with other dispensaries. If it is within the industry standard, you know it’s a reputable dispensary. Note: Never fall for dispensaries offering exceptionally low pricing unless they announce an ongoing sale.
  4. Reach out to the customer service to see if they respond. A reputable dispensary knows that to offer exceptional service, they must respond quickly to their customers’ needs.

Can I get discounts and promos when buying online?

Dispensaries that sell online and deliver weed offer discounts on medical and recreational cannabis. You can find free delivery, first-order discounts, and on-sale products. Keep yourself informed about a dispensary’s discounts and promotions by subscribing to their newsletter.

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