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AAA – Banana Runtz

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Banana Runtz Strain (AAA) is a hybrid that combines the genetics of two legendary, Banana OG and Runtz. It produces a distinctive flavour profile that begins with faint banana tones and progresses to spicy, earthy, and floral notes. It claims to provide a stimulating and energizing effect that makes it ideal for afternoon or evening use. It’s terpene profile is characterized by Limonene, Linalool, and Caryophyllene. The combination of these terpenes provides users with a calming, relaxing, and pleasant experience. In modest doses, this weed flower produces a gentle wave of euphoria and inspiration. Higher amounts of this may induce anxiety or paranoia in some. Banana Runtz contains tropical and fruity undertones with hints of tobacco and tree fruits in terms of flavour. Overall, this weed is a lovely hybrid with an exquisite flavour profile and both relaxing and stimulating effects. Get your weed delivery today and experience the fantastic feeling that this strain is known to provide.