Study On Marijuana Use & Yoga Reveals How Set & Setting Shape Mental Health

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An unprecedented emphasis on health and wellness prompts individuals to explore diverse avenues for self-improvement. Among the various practices gaining popularity, yoga and the use of marijuana stand out as noteworthy contributors. Studies highlighting their effectiveness emphatically support both approaches. 

In this exploration, we delve into the significance of yoga and marijuana to offer valuable insights before one considers to buy shatter online.


Key Takeaways:

  • The scientific explanation behind the fruitful combination of cannabis and yoga. 
  • Engaging in yoga or other mindful activities actively enhances the effects of cannabis.
  • Yoga and consuming shatter and other cannabis concentrates heighten body awareness.
Marijuana-Yoga Study Explores Impact on Mental Health Through Set and Setting

Incorporating Cannabis and Yoga

Many widely believe that the Hindu deity Shiva, revered as the Lord of Yogis and known for being both the destroyer and creator, experienced rejuvenation from injury by consuming cannabis. This religious association is a key factor in the integration of cannabis into the practice of yoga.

The compilation of the Yoga Sutras in 400 AD serves as a foundational text outlining the 196 core principles of yoga. Within the Sutras, there is mention of the use of “herbs” to facilitate subtler attainments, with some suggesting that cannabis may have been one of the herbs referenced.

The influence of marijuana extends to the development of many contemporary yoga positions. Some of these positions trace their origins back to the 7th century, attributed to tantric cultures practicing a fusion of Shaivite Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism. Cannabis was a regular component of their practice as they contributed to the evolution of various aspects of modern Hatha Yoga.

In contemporary society, individuals consume shatter or other derivatives to alleviate the discomfort associated with post-yoga aches. Some also opt for the soothing effects of cannabis oil to enhance their overall well-being during yoga sessions.

Yoga and Marijuana Effects from a Study

In a recent research conducted by the University of British Columbia, fresh perspectives have emerged on the correlation between cannabis consumption and yoga. The findings suggest that engaging in yoga following cannabis use might contribute to heightened mindfulness and an increased sense of mysticality among individuals. These experiences can improve a person’s overall mental health.

Subjects and Methods

In the study, researchers selected 47 participants and were asked to self-administered cannabis on two different occasions, with a one-week interval between sessions.

Participants engaged in yoga in one session, while during the other, they pursued activities typical of their usual experiences while under the influence. The prevalent activities included indulging in meals, watching television or movies, attending to household chores, socializing, and engaging in personal hobbies.

Among the study participants, six were novices to yoga, while thirty individuals reported sporadic or occasional engagement in yoga practices. The remaining 11 were regular or frequent yoga practitioners.


The predominant theme reported by participants centred around heightened physical awareness. Of the 15 individuals, all expressed a heightened cognizance of their bodies.

Numerous participants conveyed a profound sense of being more ‘in touch’ or ‘in tune’ with their bodily sensations. The study also underscored the distinction between this state and the regular, non-cannabis-influenced yoga or physical activity sessions.

When it comes to the impact on one’s emotional state and mood, there was no discernible difference between sessions involving yoga and those without.

Why Does This Study Matter?

Numerous studies focused on the role of set and setting in optimizing the effects of psychedelics, consistently revealing that a carefully curated environment can amplify their potential. In cannabis research, a limited number of studies have explored the influence of set and setting on the overall experience.

These findings underscore the significance of considering contextual factors and establishing clear guidelines for individuals using therapeutic cannabis. The report points out that best practices matter when prescribing cannabis for therapeutic purposes. The report also suggests that recommending activities such as yoga or similar mindful movements, given their high degree of acceptability, could be a valuable approach.

Is shatter online the same as other cannabis concentrates?

In general, all marijuana concentrates have high potency due to the extraction methods used, but all concentrates are not the same. Cannabis concentrates differ in extraction methods, THC levels, flavours, and consistency.

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Using Potent Concentrate Shatter with Yoga or Mindful Activities

Shatter refers to an exceptionally potent form of BHO (Butane Hash Oil). In BHO extraction, butane—a liquefied gas—serves as the solvent of choice for extracting essential compounds such as cannabinoids and terpenes from cannabis plant material. The manufacturer will purge the residual solvents to ensure the product is pure and safe.

Experience the heightened benefits of high-quality shatter, rigorously lab-tested for quality assurance, as you seamlessly integrate it into your yoga routine or explore activities that elevate your cannabis encounters. You can use this potent product by smoking, rolling it into a joint, or utilizing a dab rig.

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Introducing mindfulness practices such as yoga into users’ routines becomes instrumental. This integration aids individuals in gaining a deeper appreciation for the effects of cannabis. 

Experiencing cannabis in its optimal state, akin to a mystical encounter, has the potential to enhance overall mood and contribute positively to mental well-being. Buy shatter online now from Edmonton Canna Delivery. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What safety concerns must I consider when buying shatter online or any cannabis concentrate?

  1. Look for products that have undergone thorough lab testing by independent laboratories.
  2. Opt for websites that employ secure payment systems to protect your personal and financial information.
  3. Read about reviews and detailed product descriptions. Reviews can show customer satisfaction with the products that the dispensary offers.
  4. Don’t make a purchase just because the price is too low.

How to choose a type of shatter for medical marijuana patients?

Choosing the type of shatter will depend on the effects and benefits a medical marijuana patient needs. You can read about the description, the strain genetics, terpenes, and effects it produces.

Do I need a valid ID when buying a potent concentrate like shatter online?

Yes. Reputable dispensaries adhere to strict age verification protocols, so they require customers to present a valid ID to confirm that they are 19 years old or older (depending on your location in Canada) before offering any cannabis products.

How much does a shatter cost?

Diverse elements contribute to the wide range of prices for shatter offered online. If you’re searching for cheap shatter, consider purchasing smaller quantities initially to sample different varieties or explore discounted shatter products. Rest assured, a little goes a long way, as you only need a small amount to smoke shatter and feel its effects.