Cannabis for Lower Back Pain: Discover Relief Via Marijuana Delivery

Marijuana Delivery

Back pain is a common problem that many Canadians encounter. One of these forms of back pain concentrates in the lower back. 

According to the College of Family Physicians in Canada, the prevalent form of low back pain is termed “non-specific.” This constitutes around 90% of cases seen in primary care settings. Only a small fraction, less than 2%, experience low back pain due to potentially severe spine conditions necessitating surgery or medical intervention.

People commonly manage non-specific lower back pain with pain relievers and lifestyle adjustments. The issue with traditional pain medications poses challenges, such as side effects and the need for dose escalation when they lose effectiveness. This has prompted researchers to explore alternatives, such as the use of cannabis.

Cannabis, a plant displaying considerable potential in pain relief, has garnered increasing support in scientific literature. With more and more scientific journals proving its efficacy, it is now easy to access cannabis through local marijuana delivery.

If you’re seeking relief from lower back pain, consider exploring various cannabis products as a potential solution.

Key Takeaways:

  • Lower back pain can affect individuals of all backgrounds and ages.
  • Cannabis harbours cannabinoids capable of influencing body receptors to effectively manage pain.
  • Numerous cannabis products are available to address lower back pain effectively.
marijuana delivery

What is Lower Back Pain?

Lower back pain is a prevalent ailment identified by sensations of discomfort or pain in the lower back region, typically spanning from the ribcage to the pelvic area. Its severity may vary, encompassing mild, occasional discomfort to persistent and intense pain.

Lower back pain may result from various causes, including muscle strains, ligament sprains, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, or underlying medical conditions. This condition can impact people of any age and result in decreased mobility and inconvenience in daily tasks. 

The treatment approach for lower back pain varies according to its origin and seriousness and may encompass rest, physical therapy, pharmaceuticals, or, in certain instances, surgical procedures.

Common Lower Back Pain Causes

Spinal Arthritis

As we age, wear and tear on our bodies are inevitable, and it’s quite normal for lower back issues to emerge with increasing age. The degeneration of cartilage within the joints of the spine can result in inflammation in the neighbouring tissues. This inflammation, coupled with the thinning of cartilage, intensifies friction within the joints, often resulting in lower back pain.

Back Injuries

A lower back injury can occur due to various factors, such as a severe fall, a car accident, or even while performing routine tasks. Some back injuries are sudden and traumatic, while others develop gradually over time. 

Contrary to the misconception that athletes and active individuals are at higher risk, everyday activities, such as lifting a child or bending improperly, may also lead to back injuries.

Herniated Discs

A herniated or bulging disc, most frequently occurring in the lower back, involves the protrusion of disc material from its outer lining. A herniated disc might not always cause pain. Even in the absence of pain, the disc’s contents can exert pressure on nearby nerves.

How Cannabis is Changing the Game

The use of cannabis to alleviate back pain is steadily gaining popularity among the general population. According to a study in the J Psychoactive Drugs journal, the way in which cannabinoids (cannabis content) modulate pain through the endocannabinoid system is distinct from the opiate pathway.

Cannabis operates through the endocannabinoid system, which involves two primary receptors: CB1 and CB2. CB1 receptors are found in both central and peripheral neurons, while CB2 receptors exist in immune cells. CB1 receptors influence neurotransmitter release and pain signalling, whereas CB2 receptors influence the release of cytokines, primarily affecting peripheral neuropathic processes.

The primary cannabinoid component in cannabis, which is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), triggers CB1 receptors within the central nervous system. Animal studies have provided evidence supporting the suppression of nociceptive transmission by both endocannabinoids and external cannabinoids. This effect can occur at both peripheral and central levels, particularly within the posterior horn of the spinal cord.

Cannabis Products to Help in Lower Back Pain from Speedy Delivery Service

Let’s delve into various products available online to identify which one aligns with your pain management requirements.

ProductQuick effectsNon-psychoactiveMultiple flavoursLong-lasting effectsDiscreet
OneStop – 500mg THC  
White Truffle    
High Dose – 500/1000mg THC  
Mikro – 100mg THC  
Potluck – 200mg THC:CBD  
Potluck – 200mg CBD 
Potluck – Chocolate 300mg THC  
Gorilla Glue No 4 Potluck Budder   Depending on the consumption method (dabbing/vaping)
CBD Isolate Powder – Potluck Depending on the consumption method
Shatter Indica – Berry OG   Depending on the consumption method (dabbing/vaping)
Runtz THC Distillate Cartridge   

Benefits of Cannabis Cannabinoids in Lower Back Pain Management

Now that you’re aware of the available products, you might want to consider cannabinoids. There are more than 113 different cannabinoids, but the two most prevalent types are THC and CBD.

When you try to buy weed online through a weed delivery service, you’ll observe that the majority of products fall into categories of CBD and THC. To assist you in comprehending their benefits for pain management, here’s what you need to know.

Anti-anxiety Depending on dosage (low)
Anti-depressionDepending on dosage (low)
SedativeStrain dependentDosage dependent


Cannabis demonstrates a promising potential in addressing the symptoms of lower back pain, ranging from sleep disturbances to the anxiety it may provoke. You have the flexibility to choose a product that aligns with your preferred way of experiencing the effects of cannabis. To explore various products, consider opting for a reliable weed delivery service that can fulfill all your cannabis-related requirements.

Edmonton Canna Delivery is a cannabis dispensary providing same-day delivery for your preferred cannabis products. You can peruse our assortment, add items to your cart, make online payments, and await our swift delivery service. Our cannabis delivery offers a convenient and hassle-free means of getting your weed delivered to you for pain relief.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the estimated delivery time when choosing a good weed delivery service?

The timeframe for the best weed delivery service can vary depending on several factors. Many delivery services aim to provide same-day or next-day delivery to their customers for the sake of convenience.

Your location determines the delivery time. If you reside in Edmonton and choose a weed delivery in Edmonton, you can expect to receive orders in an hour or less.

The number of orders the delivery service receives can also affect delivery times. During peak hours or high-demand periods, there may be a longer wait for delivery.

Is there a delivery fee for a cannabis delivery service?

When it comes to cannabis delivery services, the presence of a delivery fee is a common consideration. This fee covers the costs associated with delivering cannabis products to your designated location. The specific details of these fees can vary, typically depending on two primary factors: your location and the size of your order.

To bypass the delivery fee, it’s a smart strategy to consolidate all your needed items into a single order. This entails adding to your cart everything necessary to reach the minimum spending threshold for free delivery promotions. 

How can I ensure that the weed delivery service I select is legitimate?

  • Customer Reviews and Reputation: Read customer reviews and testimonials about the delivery service. A reputable service will have a history of positive customer experiences. Be cautious if you find plenty negative reviews or too good to be true reviews.
  • Contact Information: A professional weed delivery service provides clear and accurate contact information. Verify the provided information and contact the service with any questions or concerns.
  • Website Quality: Examine the service’s website. Legitimate weed delivery services invest in professional, informative, and user-friendly websites. Be cautious of poorly designed or suspicious websites. You can also check their product selection. A good cannabis delivery service has all your cannabis needs, from recreational cannabis buds to vape cartridges.
  • Secure Ordering: Ensure that the website uses secure, encrypted connections for online orders and payments. Look for “https://” in and a padlock icon.
  • Customer Service: Reach out to the service’s customer support to assess their responsiveness and professionalism. Legitimate services are typically prompt in addressing customer inquiries.

Are there available Edmonton weed delivery services?

Yes. Edmonton offers a multitude of weed delivery services to choose from. To ensure your satisfaction, select a service that meets all your requirements. Start by evaluating their product selection, pricing, available discounts, and promotions. Take the time to read customer reviews for insight into their quality and service. 

Don’t overlook the importance of reviewing their delivery policies, including whether they offer same-day cannabis delivery, scheduled delivery options, or more.

How do I place an order for same-day weed delivery?

Creating an account is often the initial step. This account not only ensures that you meet the legal age requirements but also serves as a way to verify your identity. Once you’ve set up your account, the next step involves browsing the service’s product catalogue.

After selecting your desired items, you will need to provide delivery information. This step is necessary as it dictates where and when your order will be delivered. You’ll need to specify your address. Once your order is placed and confirmed, expect to receive your marijuana products at the specified location within the service’s estimated delivery time.

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