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White Truffle

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White Truffle strain originates from the small-scale breeder Fresh Coast Genetics in Michigan, although Parabellum Genetics also offers a strain with the same name. As an Indica-dominant hybrid strain with THC levels between 31-33%, it is a variant of Gorilla Butter. This strain is best enjoyed after a long day or in the evenings, as it offers a savoury, earthy taste with a subtle skunky scent. White Truffle fosters a sense of mental ease and tranquillity. It also initiates its impact with a rapid and clear-headed elevation that gently dissipates worries and stress, Gradually, this state of calmness allows for a gradual, unwinding and serene mental state, promoting a tranquil, stress-free experience for those seeking relief from the pressures of the day. Medical users find White Truffle helpful for relieving stress, anxiety, and pain. The strain has calming effects that ease mental and physical discomfort, which is a beneficial choice for those seeking relief.