The contemporary cannabis market boasts diverse strains, with numerous sources asserting an excess of 700 variants currently accessible. This surge in strain diversity is due to the efforts of cultivators and enthusiasts striving to develop cannabis strains endowed with potent qualities and optimal attributes for medicinal purposes.

The intricate cultivation procedures led to the development of what is commonly known as hybrid weed. While the existence of pure Indica or Sativa strains endures, hybrid cannabis strains have emerged as the predominant and widely available forms of cannabis buds in the online domain.


Hybrid Weed

What are Hybrid Strains?

The creation of hybrid cannabis involves the strategic crossbreeding of two or more cultivars, each representing a distinct strain.

Hybrids, shaped by the genetic composition of their parent strains, can exhibit a balance between Indica and Sativa characteristics or tilt towards one end of the spectrum.

This means a hybrid strain can be:

  • Sativa-dominant hybrid strains
  • Indica-dominant hybrid strains
  • Balanced

This dynamic interplay ensures a unique and personalized experience for consumers. Despite one’s presumed familiarity with the effects of Indica or Sativa strains, both can introduce unexpected results.

If you want to understand hybrid cannabis, it necessitates a comprehensive examination of its foundational genetic components, primarily derived from the two prevalent strains – Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica.

Plant StructureSkinny and light green leavesTall and slimBroad, dark green leavesShort and bushy
Time of UsageDaytime (stimulating)Nighttime (relaxing)
EffectsEnergizingBoosts creativityEuphoriaImproves productivityCerebral highRelaxingReduces the sensation of painSleep aidBody high

Users can encounter a harmonious blend of cerebral and body high in the hybrid cannabis plant. While occasional instances may witness one facet over the other, the impact of both the cerebral and body highs persistently manifests in a hybrid cannabis strain.

Different Types of Hybrid Strains

Farm Fuel

THC: 29%CBD: 1%
Farm Fuel has garnered acclaim among aficionados who appreciate robust and earthy nuances. This cannabis variety exudes a high THC content. Farm Fuel has a diesel-like aroma and flavour due to the fusion of Sour Diesel and GMO genetics.

Grape Soda

THC: 22%CBD: 1%
Experience Tahoe OG Kush’s robust and swiftly impactful expression with Grape Soda —an exceptional strain ideal for unwinding in the evening. Indulge in a leisurely, profound bodily relaxation that effortlessly releases lingering concerns. 
Distinguished by its sweet and potent purple buds, this Indica strain boasts a uniquely captivating appearance and flavour profile. Grape Soda tantalizes the senses with a pungent citrus fragrance complemented by discernible grape undertones on the palate.

Grape Sorbet

THC: 28%CBD: 1%
Indulge in the exquisite experience of Grape Sorbet, an enticing Sativa-dominant hybrid born from the carefully curated fusion of Blue Satellite and Cinderella 99 genetics. 
Users seeking a daytime companion will find solace in Grape Sorbet’s promise of satisfaction. 
Many enthusiasts highly recommend Grape Sorbet due to its ability to spark creativity and improve one’s mood.

Lucky Charms

THC: 22-25%CBD: 1%
Lucky Charms exhibits a harmonious blend of genetics that manifests into a euphoric and balanced experience. Its effects, though gradual in onset compared to alternative strains, are deemed highly rewarding by users who appreciate the patience required. 
This strain delivers a delightful sense of euphoria without veering into excessive intensity. One of the distinctive qualities of Lucky Charms lies in its ability to evoke feelings of happiness and relaxation simultaneously.


THC: 27%CBD: 1%
Mimosa is a captivating hybrid cannabis strain skillfully crafted to embody the Sativa-dominant essence. This botanical masterpiece elevates the mind and senses due to the merging of Clementine and Purple Punch. 

Medical Benefits of Hybrid Strains

Stress and Anxiety Relief

Current investigations persist in delving into the therapeutic potential of diverse cannabis strains for mitigating stress and anxiety-related issues. A spectrum of cannabis varieties, including Sativa-dominant strains, Indica, and hybrid strains, manifests properties well-suited for effective anxiety management. Historical research underscores the anxiolytic attributes inherent in these strains that showcase their efficacy in both treating and preventing anxiety.


Sativa-dominant strains can alleviate depression, depressive disorders, and various phobic conditions. A comprehensive investigation conducted by researchers at the University at Buffalo delved into the impact of cannabis plants on depression treatment. Their findings highlighted the potential of marijuana components in mitigating depression induced by chronic stress.

The cannabinoids present exhibit similarities to endocannabinoids naturally produced in the brain. This discovery adds depth to our understanding of the therapeutic mechanisms at play in cannabis strains that can shed light on their potential role in promoting mental well-being.

Persistent Pain

Hybrids characterized by elevated THC levels excel in targeting and alleviating pain effectively. Hybrids featuring dominant Indica cannabis plants prove to be particularly beneficial for inducing relaxation to enable better pain management. This combination of diverse strains underscores the versatility and targeted benefits of hybrids.


There are some findings that suggest the efficacy of hybrids in managing chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting. It could also impede the growth or induce the demise of specific cancer types.

Initial human trials exploring this hypothesis have indicated that while cannabinoids present a safe treatment option, their effectiveness in controlling or curing cancer appears limited. Ongoing studies continue to understand the relationship between cannabis and cancer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there many hybrid strains available online?

Throughout centuries and across the globe, the profound adoration for the cannabis plant has fostered its cultivation in diverse regions. The original cultivars, known as landrace strains, stand as the unadulterated representations of either Indica or Sativa.

In the contemporary era, cannabis cultivation has evolved and embraces extensive crossbreeding practices. This intentional fusion arises from the desire of cultivators to selectively amalgamate favourable characteristics from both Sativa and Indica strains.

Hybrid strains exhibit a quality on par with the pure Indica or Sativa plants. The selection of a particular strain becomes a matter of personal preference rather than a judgment of right or wrong. 

The intricate process of crossbreeding parent strains does not compromise the inherent potency or effects of the cannabis plant. Thus, the hybrid landscape stands as a testament to the ongoing innovation and diversification within the cannabis community.

How to choose a hybrid strain?

When selecting a hybrid cannabis strain, employ the same discerning approach as you would with any other strain.

  1. Peruse the detailed product description, explore the terpene profile, and delve into the reviews curated beneath each strain’s listing.
  2. Gauge the THC percentage of the bud and opt for one that aligns seamlessly with the desired experience. Remember that any strain, be it Indica, Sativa, or hybrid, carries the potential for a substantial THC percentage.
  3. Check whether the strain has high amounts of Sativa or Indica genetics because this can also contribute to its effects.

Are hybrids considered an upper or downer?

The effects of hybrid strains encompass both uplifting and relaxing qualities, contingent upon the predominant strain in the mix. When the strain leans towards Indica dominance, its tendencies align more with a downer due to its calming attributes. If the strain is Sativa-dominant, it tends towards an upper, characterized by its capacity to enhance energy levels and foster creativity.

How to use hybrid strains?

The versatile applications of cannabis buds cater to individual preferences by offering a spectrum of consumption methods. 

Traditional options include rolling joints or blunts, particularly favoured when indulging in hybrid strains or cannabis in general.

For those opposed to smoking, an alternative avenue involves transforming buds into delectable edibles; however, decarboxylate the material beforehand for optimal potency. Vape pens present an innovative choice for hybrid cannabis enthusiasts, as some models can efficiently vaporize buds.

What makes hybrid better than pure strains?

  • Diverse Effects: Hybrid strains boast a spectrum of effects by seamlessly blending the calming attributes of Indica with the invigorating qualities of Sativa.
  • Flavourful Experience: Hybrid strains showcase a rich array of flavours and scents due to the diverse genetic heritage resulting from crossbreeding.
  • Potency and Harmonious Cannabinoid Composition: Hybrid strains may exhibit a harmonious blend of cannabinoids to ensure a well-rounded encounter. This equilibrium enables users to harness the potential therapeutic benefits.
  • Ubiquity: Hybrid strains’ widespread availability in the cannabis industry is a testament to their popularity. This accessibility guarantees users an extensive selection of strains.
  • Reliable Consistency: Devoted breeders of hybrid strains invest significant time and energy into stabilizing the genetic makeup of their creations. This stabilization process ensures that offspring consistently manifest desired traits that provide users with a more predictable experience with each use.