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Lucky Charms

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Lucky Charms strain is a balanced hybrid with THC levels between 24-26% and CBD content 0-1%. This Indica-dominant strain offers bold fruity flavours and an energizing kick, much like its cereal namesake. The strain presents large, elongated clustered flowers with a dense, indica-like structure and vibrant green leaves interlaced with orange pistils. Lucky Charms brings a slow, relaxing high that encourages both deep thinking and a sense of relaxation. It supports focus and, with more intake, becomes mildly sedative, suitable for chilling out after a long day. Lucky Charms is beneficial for medical cannabis users. Its focus-enhancing ability could assist individuals with attention deficit disorder. Additionally, it might help those managing mild to moderate stress or depression to be more mindful and intentional. Lucky Charms’ sedative properties can alleviate deep-seated and minor physical discomforts such as aches, headaches, or nausea.