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Mimosa strain is a popular sativa-dominant strain, crossbred of Purple Punch and Clementine. This strain contains THC levels between 27-29% and CBD at 1%. The strain has a scent resembling the cocktail it’s named after. Mimosa is best for both indoor and outdoor cultivation due to its medium size. The plant flowers in approximately nine weeks, yielding light-green colas coated in resin and adorned with orange stigmas. In moderate doses, as a Sativa-dominant hybrid, Mimosa offers happiness and a clear-headed experience. It uplifts the mood, assisting in daily responsibilities. Larger doses of Mimosa can lead to a more calming and sleepy state. Medical marijuana patients choose Mimosa to alleviate symptoms linked to conditions such as depression and stress. Mimosa’s uplifting and mood-elevating effects serve as a potential aid for individuals dealing with the overwhelming weight of depression.