5 High-Quality Weed Strains to Try for Beginners

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5 High-Quality, Cheap Weed Strains to Try for Beginners

You don’t have to spend much when you want to experience the effects of cannabis. Plenty of online dispensaries offer cheap weed but are high in quality. These products are affordable and can provide an excellent high while saving you more. You can always discover a product that will meet your needs, whether you want to use  recreationally or therapeutically.

This article will discuss affordable cannabis strains that you must try. Additionally, there will be a brief mention of factors you should consider when choosing marijuana if you want to try other products.


Factors to Consider When Buying Weed

There are a few things to remember when looking for the best marijuana strains for your needs, whether you want a relaxing or energizing high, a fruity or strong gassy flavour, or a mix of these. Here’s what you should think about.

Terpene Profile

Terpenes are naturally occurring substances found in cannabis. They generate a variety of fragrances that directly affect the plant’s flavour. Common terpenes in weed crops include caryophyllene, limonene, myrcene, and terpinolene.

Pick a strain with a lot of limonene terpene if you prefer a more citrus, tart, or fruit flavour. Cannabis strains with limonene terpenes are very popular, especially among people who enjoy vaping, due to their candy-like flavour. Terpinolene smells like apples, while caryophyllene and myrcene provide earthy, herbal scents.

Potential Effects

Even though the best cannabis strains for beginners offer many benefits, it’s best to be ready. Some, for example, have a very calming effect on the body and mind, while others are very uplifting and energizing. But, keep in mind that different people will have different experiences and reactions to the different strains of marijuana.

Sativa strains are the best option to stay energetic after smoking. They are often recognized to be mind-dominant strains that promote activity and creativity. They give you an overall uplifting sense of vitality and alertness.

Indica, on the other hand, has a calming impact and is body-dominant. You would want to use an Indica strain to assist you in unwinding after a busy day because they offer a high that helps you release tension and helps you relax.

You can also choose a Hybrid strain if you want to feel the effects of both Indica and Sativa. This means that both creative, alert, calming, and excited states are conceivable. 


All marijuana strains range in strength from mild to strong. You may select the ideal marijuana strains based on your required THC potency. A potent marijuana strain should include a lot of THC if you’re a recreational user. This is true because this is the main cannabinoid that gives cannabis its characteristically psychoactive effects.

You should pick a strain with a high CBD content if you want to use marijuana to treat symptoms of a medical condition or as part of a wellness regimen. Unlike THC, you won’t experience any intoxicating effects with high CBD strains.

Affordable Strains to Try

You want to know where to buy high-quality, reasonably priced cannabis, whether a novice or an enthusiast. You won’t have to spend a lot of money to appreciate the following strains:

Blue Magoo

This Indica-leaning hybrid has a flavour similar to blueberries with undertones of pine and earthiness. For an Indica, Blue Magoo’s high comes on swiftly and immediately promotes relaxation. Smokers may discover they can breathe more easily and get relief from accumulated muscular stress shortly after enjoying the distinctive flavour of this stain. 

Blue Magoo’s high is soothing, yet it also buzzes with a hint of stimulation that encourages original thought or engaging conversation. Additionally, this strain can do wonders for chronic problems, including back pain, arthritis, and other aches and pains.

Hidden Pastry

This AAA-grade strain is only $80 for an ounce. Anyone who enjoys baked goods, pastries, and all things sweet will adore this strain. Hidden Pastry has a flavour profile rich in cookie dough, sugar, and mint. Its creamy, earthy, and sweet scent matches its taste perfectly. 

hidden pastry cannabis delivery

The Hidden Pastry is a balanced 50-50 Indica-Sativa hybrid strain produced by crossing Secret Cookies with Kush Mints. The effects of the high gradually build up from the neck down to the rest of the body, striking both the mind and body. Your mind soars high into an ecstatic euphoric state that causes you to dart in and out of concentration during discussions. Additionally, your body will feel unmatched relaxation. This strain is great for treating stress, PTSD, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and mood swings.

Planet of the Grapes

This is an Indica-dominant strain with a high percentage of cannabinoids (THC). It was created by crossing Chem D 95 with Grape Diamonds. It has a pleasant, fruity scent with a tinge of gas that makes it easy to identify. Some have said its flavour has a pleasant, fruity taste of grape and citrus.

planet of the grapes cannabis edmonton delivery

After just one hit, your eyes will feel heavy and sleepy. Keep in mind that this strain of marijuana is very heavy on the Indica side, so you can expect a strong couch-lock that makes you feel sleepy, relaxed, and more. This strain will also be very potent in giving you “the munchies.” 

You’ll experience tremendous relaxation and lethargy. Since it contains both THC and CBD, it will also give you a rather potent body high that will keep you sitting for several hours.

Kush Cake

For only $70, you can get an ounce of this AAA-grade strain. Kush Cake is a hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. The UK-based cultivator Pintail Gardens developed this variety.

The aroma gives a feeling of joyful upliftment, and it has a unique blend of herb, fruit, dessert, and chem-flavoured terpenes. As for the effects, it can be both physically calming and mentally uplifting. 

kush cake strain

This strain is excellent for those who wish to feel peaceful and content in their hectic lives. Kush Cake is a wonderful complement to your leisure activities. Additionally, there is a powerful mental boost and blissful relaxation to be anticipated. In addition to its psychological advantages, the strain offers a potent muscle-relaxing effect and relief from symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety.

Blackberry Moonrocks

The potent Blue Moonrocks and Blackberry Kush strains were crossed to create this Indica-dominant hybrid strain. This flower has a sweet, juicy blackberry flavour with undertones of tart citrus and delicate lavender. Rich berries, lavender, floral notes with citrus, and an herbal undertone dominate the scent.

You are left in a state of dreamy calmness as wave after wave of irresistible joy gradually washes over you. You will be completely content in this condition, but you will also be drifting in and out of consciousness as your body enters a deep, heavy level of relaxation. It ensures happiness and creates a pleasant, euphoric presence in your body. As you strive to exist on a profound and grand plain of consciousness, this sweet and fluffy high will repeatedly have you yearning for it.


You can get these affordable strains for as low as $100 per ounce and share it with your friends for a relaxing high. These buds are widely available at online dispensaries, where you can have them delivered to your door.

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