Weed Delivery Edmonton: How to Find the Right Strain

In the past, physical dispensaries or local dealers were the only options available for people to buy weed. Fortunately, online dispensaries made it possible to purchase weed much more conveniently.
When you purchase from online dispensaries, you have access to a wide variety of cannabis strains. While having many options can be great, it can also be overwhelming for some buyers. Each cannabis strain is unique, so it’s essential to choose the right strain that meets your needs.
Choosing the right strain for a first-time cannabis experience can be challenging for beginners, and picking the wrong one can lead to disappointment.

Need help navigating the vast selection of strains online? Check this guide to narrow down your choices to find the right cannabis.

Cannabis Delivery Edmonton

How to Choose a Cannabis Strain

Cannabis Weed

By Plant Type

People categorize cannabis strains as Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid based on their distinct physical appearance, scent, and flavour. Indica and Sativa are two of the primary types of cannabis plants that are used to differentiate the physical characteristics and effects of the strain they produce. Indica strains have relaxing and sedating effects, while Sativas lead to energizing and uplifting experiences. Combining the genetics of these two plants creates hybrid strains that contain the effects of both Indica and Sativa. However, sometimes the bud can contain more of one genetic trait than the other. Considering the effects is important when choosing a strain. For instance, breeders categorize some strains as Indica-dominant or Sativa-dominant based on the characteristics of the plants. Here are a few examples of strains categorized by their plant type and the effects they produce:

By Potency

Potency is another aspect that consumers frequently take into account when selecting a cannabis strain. The word “potency” refers to the strength of the effects, meaning that strains with a higher potency will produce more intense effects.

The potency of a strain is often correlated with its THC content. Strains containing 15% to 19% THC are considered moderately potent, while those with 20% or higher are recommended for users seeking intense psychoactive effects. Those looking for milder effects should choose a strain with lower THC levels.

CBD Content

Aside from the THC amount, some users consider CBD content. It is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant that is known for its therapeutic benefits, including relaxation and pain relief.

CBD is an important factor in the potency of cannabis strains as it has the ability to modulate the effects of THC. While it may not significantly reduce the psychoactive effects of THC, it can prevent the onset of excessive anxiety and paranoia. This is because CBD works by antagonizing CB1 receptors, which helps to regulate the activation of THC and CB1 receptors.

By Flavour or Scent

After choosing based on the potency and plant type, you can narrow down your choice by selecting the scent or flavour of the bud. Each strain has a distinct aroma and flavour; some can be mild, sweet, or strong.

The distinctive flavour and scent of a cannabis bud are determined by its terpenes, which are chemicals that carry terpenoids. Terpenoids play a crucial role in enhancing the taste and aroma of cannabis buds, thereby contributing to the overall quality of the product.

You can find lots of cannabis buds with different scents. Strains with a high limonene content have a sweet, lemony flavour, while those with a higher terpinolene content have an earthier, muskier flavour.

By Grading System/Quality

Some cannabis consumers prefer quality and a strain with greater bag appeal. Thankfully, cannabis strains are frequently rated on an A to AAAAA grading system to inform you about the buds’ freshness, flavour, and aesthetic appeal.

Although low-quality strains can still be potent, high-quality strains are usually more desirable due to their superior appearance, aroma, and flavour. Top-quality strains not only pack a punch but also offer a more enjoyable overall experience due to their enhanced sensory qualities.

Strains that are graded A or AA are generally considered lower quality due to their abundance of stems and leaves, which can make for an unpleasant smoking experience. Despite this, these strains can still provide a potent high.

For those on a tight budget, A or AA strains may be a suitable choice, although the experience may not be as enjoyable as with higher-quality strains that offer more vibrant flavours and sensory experiences. Nonetheless, A and AA strains can still provide a satisfying high.

If you have the cash to spare, you may consider strains with AAA or higher gradings. These strains have a vibrant taste and a good smoking experience.

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To buy the right cannabis flower, start by knowing what you want from it – effects, cannabinoids, flavour, and quality. Once you decide, browse for the flower you want in an online dispensary.

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