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Cannabis concentrates changed the way users experience the effects of cannabis. It is a much more potent alternative to smoking cannabis buds, even with a small amount. It allows users to save money and get incredible relief from the potent effects.

You can find plenty of concentrate options online, including kief, shatter, crumble wax, hash, and more. Among these concentrate selections, we will look at one of the most popular products, budder.

Need to know what a budder is? We will discuss what this concentrate is all about so you can have an idea. We will elaborate on its extraction methods, use, and where to find one when using the best weed delivery Edmonton online.

What is a Budder?

Potluck Budder

Budder has traits in common with cannabis wax, shatter, crumble, and other products. The bright yellow hue and smooth texture set this concentrate apart from others.

This concentrate preserves the flavour and aroma of the strain, making it a desirable choice for many, but more importantly, it retains the THC, which makes budder a potent cannabis product.

How is Budder Made?

Budder is a cannabis concentrate that uses butane or CO2 extraction method. During the process, the manufacturer blasts liquid butane into dried and cured flower. The butane will separate the trichomes from the rest of the plant materials. After separating trichomes, purging the resulting liquid happens by using air pressure and heat to remove the butane.

After purging, a vigorously beating or churning process will give the budder its distinct texture. This process crystalizes the cannabinoids, giving the finished concentrate a thick, creamy, butter-like consistency.

How to Use Budder?

The advantage of using concentrates like budder is the versatility of its use. You can dab, smoke, or vaporize this product, unlike a flower. The more ways you can use your cannabis, the more you’ll get to discover how you can find the most effective method for you.


Dabbing is the most common way to consume concentrates. In this process, the user inhales the vapour from equipment known as the dab rig.

First, you need to use a blowtorch to heat your nail until it is red hot, then use a dab tool to load some budder into your nail. As soon as the budder starts to vaporize, take a breath through your rig’s mouthpiece and enjoy.


Twaxing is the simple act of smoking dabs in a joint or blunt. All you have to do is ground the flower, create a joint or blunt as usual, and, just before rolling it, stuff some tiny grains of budder inside.

You can also roll a standard joint or blunt and spread a thin layer outside the rolling paper as an alternative. Be aware that using a budder with a particularly thick consistency may not work well.


Aside from dabbing, vaporizing is another method that is easy to use for budders. In this method, you will need a vaporizer. Many vaporizers on the market have various functions; some can heat both concentrate and flower, while others can precisely heat your cannabis product.

When you get a vaporizer for your concentrate, here is what you must do:

  • Preheat your vaporizer depending on the temperature suggested
  • Grind up your budder and put it in the bowl
  • Put the mouthpiece to your lips and inhale deeply and slowly

Where to Get Budder?

Want to heighten your bud smoking session or try a new way to get high? 

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Frequently asked question

Budder has a creamy consistency, making it easy to scoop up. The moist nature of this concentrate is ideal for using it on a rig or in a vaporizer. Meanwhile, the crumble has a thick, sand-like texture because of the lower temperature during the extraction process.

Crumble concentrates tend to retain more terpenes due to low-temperature use. This gives the concentrate a highly flavourful experience. However, you’ll need a dab tool to shovel the concentrate into the dab rig.

Budders offer benefits that are similar to all concentrates. First, the high amount of terpenes provides an exceptional aroma and flavour. This makes every session worthwhile.

Additionally, having cannabinoids and terpenes together will provide a great therapeutic benefit. These compounds affect the endocannabinoid system, providing relaxing, appetite-inducing, and pain-relieving effects. The entourage effect of these compounds produces strong and long-lasting benefits.

Aside from their therapeutic benefits, budders are versatile, which means you can use them in many ways. Dabbing, vaporizing, or adding to your joint for a potent high is possible.